Pole dance workout

What is a pole dance workout and what is the experience of a class:
Pole Dance Bulgaria gives an opportunity for workouts to beginners, intermediates and professionals. Classes are carried out in groups, where each participant gets individual attention and is trained according to his own level of skill. Every pole dance class is divided into three segments: warmup, workout and stretching.

Warming-up includes complex exercises for all muscle groups aiming to warm and relax the body and to prepare it for the vigorous actions during the workout. It is one of the most important aspects of every sport. Warmup is compulsory and should never be skipped so that injuries and wounds are avoided.

Pole workout:
The instructors at Pole Dance Bulgaria provide the participants with the opportunity to learn different moves (elements) on a pole, suited to their own level of skill, and the elements’ incorporation into combinations and choreographies.

Every workout ends with a short stretching. The acrobatic nature of pole dance assumes flexibility, which is built gradually through muscle and tendon relaxation. Even without a gymnastics career in your resume, pole dance classes and consistency in stretching will help you to get to know your body better and enhance its potential.

Please, keep in mind that the progress in this sport particularly is entirely individual. Strength, endurance and flexibility develop at different rates for everyone. In the classes you will witness very different levels of skill. The same pole dance move (element) can be executed in a very different manner by each participant.
At any given moment you can ask for help and guidance with the completion of a move (element) as part of the program or one that is not included, but you want to perform separately. Our instructors are always ready to answer your queries and to give you a hand.