The silks hang from the ceiling and take the leading part during the show. The artist swings in the air, demonstrating strength, flexibility and grace. During this spectacular performance, the audience witnesses elegant climbs, dynamic moves and figures, spectacular and unexpected downsides sharply to the ground. To be as impressive as possible, the performance happens high above the viewers’ heads. Impress your guests with this high-level aerial acrobatics demonstration showing the immeasurable abilities of the human body.

Aerials Silks are particularly suited to high-ceiling locations as the artist presents their show program high in the air. This way, the performance can be seen from all corners of the room, for everyone’s enjoyment.

For Aerial Silks show you need a ceiling height of at least 3.25 meters and a diameter of about 5 meters, as well as a stable ceiling spot where the silks can be hanged. In some cases, a aerial rig can be installed.

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