The performer glides and spins through the air, mysteriously covered in the net and as if swimming in zero-gravity, its fabric magically reflects the illumination of the spotlights.

The audience witnesses graceful moves full of flexibility and flow, while the performer’s body makes variety of complex poses inside and outside the net. To be as impressive as possible, the performance is happening high above the viewers’ heads. Leave your guests without words with a truly unconventional and new for the country dimension of aerial acrobatics, which will make your event unforgettable. The aerial net is especially suited for high ceiling locations as the artist presents their show high in the air. This way, the performance can be watched from all corners of the room, for everyone’s enjoyment.

For Aerial Net show you need a ceiling height of at least 3.90-4.00 meters and a diameter of about 5 meters, as well as a stable ceiling spot where the net can be hanged. In some cases, a aerial rig can be installed.

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