Workout Conduct

Pole Dance Bulgaria Rules regarding class participation at Pole Dance Bulgaria’s studios

1. Class Discipline

1.1 Arriving – you are welcome to arrive 5-10minutes before the beginning of the workout.

1.2 Clothing – recommended are elastic/tricot shorts and tank tops without metal details on them.

1.3 Payment – either single visit or subscription card; happens before the beginning of the class

1.4 Attendance – it is compulsory to sign up for every class that you want to attend. Registration happens no later than two hours before the class either by email, phone or facebook message.

1.5 In the event of a cancelled attendance, please do inform us at least two hours before the class. Otherwise the attendance will be counted towards your subscription card.

1.6 The halls are not responsible for any lost items.

2. Rules regarding classes

2.1 In cases of technical or equipment malfunction, the halls reserve their right to cancel the classes.

2.2 The halls reserve their right to amend the current schedule.

3. Safety instructions during classes

3.1 Pole Dance Bulgaria studio is not responsible for injuries sustained during classes. The participants should be aware that pole dance is a trauma related sport therefore should always be cautious.

3.2 It is forbidden to train in an intoxicated condition, under the influence of any psychotropic and/or narcotic substances.

3.3 Do not use any creams, lotions, etc. in workout days to avoid losing grip on the pole, which leads to falls and injuries.

3.4 It is forbidden to chew a bubblegum or candies during training.

3.5 You should inform your instructor of any serious health issues or limits to physical activities, and to consult a doctor regarding taking part in the class.

4. Rules to avoid injuries during classes.

4.1 It is mandatory to take off all rings, bracelets, jewellery and ornaments before the class.

4.2 Warmup is mandatory for every class. Even if you are late, you cannot skip it.

4.3 Please take into account that most of the injuries result from negligence during classes or high muscle and tendon tension without having done the warmup. Therefore, first you have to learn to feel your body and later it will return the favor with positive results.