Rositsa Paunova

    About Rossi:

    Rossi is one of the freshest additions to Pole Dance Bulgaria’s team. She sets foot in the studio for the very first time in February 2016, after a necessary pause sports career. She spends eight years of her childhood training rhythmic gymnastics in “Levski” sports club, however, due to specific reasons she is obliged to stop practicing. Shortly after that, she goes swimming and tries out taekwondo – again two disciplining sports fields, developing different aspects of her physical potential.

    For several years Rossi spends most of her time working primarily on computer and this settled lifestyle eventually comes in conflict with her dynamic sports nature. At one point, along with her colleague and friend, Rossi decided it was high time to make sport an integral part of her life once again. And this is how the idea to try vertical acrobatics classes was born, which brings them both in Pole Dance Bulgaria’s studio.

    After her very first class, she already knew for herself that this was the thing she’d invest her time and abilities into. Her high class physical culture, combined with diligence and hard-working quickly delivers the desired results, and to anyone who sets foot into the hall, Rossi preaches the beauty of Pole Dance and, of course, the difficulty of its execution. She never forgets to point out, however, its limitless ability to develop many qualities making it a discipline worthy of devotion.

    Being relatively new to this sport, Rossi already knows a lot, but is happy that there would always be more to learn. Her hopes are that in time she will be able to contribute in one way or another to its development. One of her goals is to introduce more and more people get acquainted with this unique discipline in order to experience the thrill and excitement it brings, thereby helping them believe in their own abilities.

    4 place at PoleArt Italy 2018 – amateur  category

    3 place at PoleArt Bulgaria 2017 – semi-professional  category

    2 place at Pole Dance Festival Burgas 2017 – pole dance category



    Days LOZENETS CENTER Mladost
    Tuesday  19:45-21:15
    Thursday  19:45-21:15
    Saturday  18:00-19:30, 19:45-21:15