Hristina Staneva

    About Hristina:

    Hristina starts on her yoga path in 2012. She initially practiced home alone, then found her Guru and still visits his practices. At first, her idea of yoga was quite different from what it became over the time. She realizes that yoga is not just asanas and pranayama (breathing techniques), it is a way of life. It is a process going through which we have the opportunity to rediscover ourselves and our original essence, which we often forget with the time passing. The yoga practices are a way to get rid of the fears, attachments and addictions accumulated in our everyday life. In this way, we return to the child in ourselves and learn to live a life, free from suffering and full of joy and pure childish love.

    Hrisy’s thirst for such a life is getting bigger and, despite the difficulties on the way, she continues to pursue it with faith and dedication, knowing that this is her true mission and a potential for future development – to teach and to spread her knowledge further through induction, by “touching” the soul.

    In 2014, Hristina, together with her very close and dear person, opens a yoga school, where she plays the role of organizer and manager. During her engagement with the hall, Hristina begins to consider her professional development in the field of yoga. She completes a basic course for a teacher and specializes in yoga for children. Besides yoga, children are her other passion – with their pure and indefinable worldview they are the thing that inspires and recharges her. Practices for children have a visible beneficial effect on the overall development of children – both mental and physical.



    Days Lozenets Center Mladost
    Saturday  14:30-15:30