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Workout Information

Pole Dance

Pоlе Dance – a unique sport that combines strength, coordination, flexibility and grace in a dynamic and fun way. During the workout, we use our own weight and through the implementation of different elements, including climbing, turning, rotation and different grips, we tone and shape our bodies. The classes are focused on learning dance elements and acrobatic moves involving the use of different muscle groups. Over 60% of a Pole Dance combination emphasis on acrobatics and the rest of it – on artistry in performance. Strength and endurance needed for the performances on the pole are built gradually through regular workouts. Preliminary physical training is not required. Classes are focused on developing individual progress in each person.

Duration of the class: 60/90 minutes

Recommended clothing: shorts, sports top, vest.

Pole (Sport)

Pole Sport – during the Pole Sport classes the physical aspects and complexity of the elements are primary. Classes in Pole Sport are similar to these in Pole Dance, as there is more emphasis on the strength exercises, endurance and coordination. The preliminary physical training is not mandatory, but previous experience in other sports discipline is an advantage to those who choose the Pole Sport.

Duration of the class: 60/90 minutes

Recommended clothing: shorts, sports top, vest.

Exotic Pole Dance

Exotic Pole Dance – the most sensual of all Pole Dance disciplines. Dose of eroticism combined with dance techniques, modern ballet, burlesque and acrobatics, delicately reminiscent of the initial origin of Pole Dance. The Exotic Pole Dance classes emphasize the plasticity of the female body, elegance, sexuality, artistry and musicality. These classes are specifically designed to liberate women from inhibitions and severity of everyday life. Unwind you hair and give yourself a truly feminine experience, feel the wild side in you and allow it to come out. 60% of an Exotic Pole Dance combination represent choreography, smooth transitions, grace and dance moves, and 40%  are for acrobatics. In most cases there are no restrictions in clothing (latex, leather), high heels, boots and more.

Duration of the class: 60 minutes

Recommended clothing: Besides the standard clothing of shorts, sports top and vest, socks and knee pads are also recommended. High heels, different fabrics in clothing (latex, leather) and decorations (sequins, fringe, stones) are always welcome for those who want to express themselves.

Pole Art

Pole Art is a class where you can learn short choreographies combining contemporary dance techniques, pole acrobatycs and floor elements, as well as transitions between them. The main focus of the Pole Art classes are steps, movements, positions and expressions of body and face during the dance. You will have the opportunity to work on your motor skills, stamina and artistic skills.

Duration of the class: 60 min

Recommended clothing: tights, shorts, sports top, vest, socks, knee pads.

Pole Fitness

Pole Fitness is a self weight workout on a pole that is situated in three parts: intensive cardio warming up, 45/50 minutes strength exercises and a short stretching for toning the muscles after the work out. In Pole Fitness, the main focus is on the series of basic strength exercises based on repetitions or performed for a unit of time with short breaks. Pole Fitness has a significant impact on the body because it concentrates the load in the individual muscle groups and develops muscle, motor skills, strength and endurance of your body. The class is suitable for Pole Dancers who want to improve their skills and develop their potential, as well as for people who want to shape their body with a more unusual workout.
Duration: 60 min.

Clothes: shorts, tights, vest, socks.

Pole Kids

Pole Kids is a fun and engaging activity that will encourage your child to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Classes at Dance Inspires will also contribute to the necessary skills required by the National Curriculum key stages, which recommend that pupils:

  • master basic movement skills
  • participate in team games for social development & understanding the competitive environment
  • perform dances using simple movement
  • develop flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance

Classes at Dance Inspires will also encourage creative play with activities on and off the pole! A combination of group, couple and singles activities will be provided. Each class is carefully designed so your children learn some great moves and also get in great physical shape whilst having fun!

Instructors are fully qualified in children’s fitness, insured and DBS checked. There is a parents waiting area where you can watch your little ones or just have a minute to yourself!

Duration of the class: 60 minutes

Recommended clothing: shorts, sports top, vest.


Stretching – this is a combination of exercises aimed to develop flexibility and mobility of joints and muscles. Stretching classes include static elements of yoga, breathing exercises, endurance and balance, ground gymnastics, elements of Pilates and ballet. The exercises intensify all muscle groups, so that in time you will not only be able to make a split, but overall, the flexibility of your body will increase and the elasticity of your muscles will improve. Other beneficial effects are the improvement of posture, stress relieving after a hard day, energizing and relaxation.

Body functions over which the stretching influences

  • elongation – refers to the muscles, tendons and ligaments. It is the ability of fibers to increase in length under the influence of applied pressure.
  • muscle elasticity – the qualities of muscles, allowing them to recover their original shape after deformation – under the influence of weight or after stretching. When the muscle is shortened elasticity is growing at the expense of extensibility; muscular fatigue increases extensibility.
  • mobility – Quality of the joints, which depends on several factors and refers to their range of movement.Flexibility – this is a person’s ability to perform movements with broad coverage. Flexibility may be congenital or acquired. It depends on both the mobility of the joints, and the extensibility of the fibers, muscle tone and temperature, and muscle elasticity.
  • muscle tone – the state of slight contraction of muscles during resting state. It is regulated by the nerve system and supports the posture of the body. “Good” and “bad” tone are conditional terms, as “bad” refers to two extremes: at low tone there is bad position of the body, lack of coordination in movement. If the tone is too high, it comes to the so-called “rigid” muscles. Good muscle tone gives us freedom of movement and coordination, and delays the moment of the fatigue.

Duration of class: 60 minutes

Recommended clothing: long leggings, shirt, socks


Hatha yoga – a system of physical, mental and spiritual practices designed to transform the body and the mind. Yoga is one of six systems of Hindu philosophy, in which it is believed that meditation has a fundamental meaning when achieving exemption of the mind and the spirit.
Hatha Yoga has five pillars:

  • proper exercises (asanas) – the body is meant to move and exercise. If our lifestyle does not provide us whit enough physical activities, over time appear diseases and discomfort. According to Hatha yoga, appropriate exercises must be enjoyable for those who perform them and at the same time good for body, mind and spirit.
  • proper breathing (pranayama) – Yoga teaches us how to maximize our lungs and to achieve breathing control. Proper breathing should be deep, slow and rhythmic. This improves blood circulation and vitality and clears the mind.
  • proper relaxation – through complete relaxation of the muscles the nerve system rejuvenates and this leads us to our inner peace.
  • proper diet – the food we eat affects our mind. Hatha yoga recommends vegetarian food, fresh products and a variety of foods in our daily menu.
  • positive thinking and meditation – this is the most important part. We are what we think. We should try to think positively and creatively, which will help us to achieve health and peace of mind. A positive look at life could be developed by studying and practicing of Vedanta philosophy techniques.

Duration of the class: 60 minutes

Recommended clothing: long leggings, shirt, socks

Power Yoga

Power Yoga – body vitality and harmonic soul

There are different types of Yoga, whose role is to relax the body, mind and soul, thereby releasing tension and stress. Each type, however, has various methods of impact.

Power Yoga is one of the latest styles, which is increasingly gaining popularity in our country. The main feature is that there is no exact sequence of asanas. Another thing, which differs it from the classical Hatha Yoga is that individual positions are connected to each other through a smooth transition -. “Stream, overflow – Flow”.

It is also known as Vinyasa and the result is absolute unity and biss.  In the eyes of a person who is not familiar with Yoga, these movements might appear smooth and organic, remindful of dancing in a state of trance.

The combinations can be structured so that they are suitable for people who have never practiced Yoga, while allowing for a complete transformation depending on the individual progress, needs and capabilities of the person.

The style is considered as one of the best ways for weight loss since it combines yoga’s overall benefits, simultaneously consuming a massive lot of energy.

In the Power Yoga classes we will pay attention to the following activities:

  • Warm up the joints and “Surya Namaskar” (Solar exercise);
  • Respiratory Practice “Prana” – full yogic breathing;
  • Short relaxation for an enjoyable and relaxing end of the class.

Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga

Why Yoga is Important for Childres? What are the benefits of it?

Here are the answers to these questions:

  • Improves attention and concentration skills
  • Expands the imagination
  • Soothes the mind and reduces tension and stress
  • Regulates metabolism
  • Contributes to the proper functioning of the internal secretory glands
  • Activates internal muscles
  • Develops flexibility, coordination and general physical culture.

Kids fly yoga

Kids Fly Yoga

And why Arial yoga for children?

  • Because there is no child who does not like having fun, swinging, “flying”.
  • Because the arial yoga hammocks are a wonderful way to turn yoga practice into real fun.
  • Because by performing the exercises on the hammock, we work both for the body and for the joy and smile that the children need in order to grow happy.

Little yoga fans, welcome and enjoy a different yoga flight!

Aerial yoga

Aerial yoga – a unique sport that combines yoga poses, gymnastics and power components, into incredibly relaxing position for the body in special hammocks hung from the ceiling. Practicing Aerial yoga reduces muscle tension and pain in the neck and back. Besides relaxing effect they have on the body, the Aerial Yoga classes increase joint mobility and favorably influence the spine and the position of the body. Increased circulation of blood and energy helps regulate weight, improves concentration and mental functions. Over the time, imperceptibly we develop strength, flexibility and balance. However, it is important to note that, under certain physical conditions, it is recommended to avoid practicing yoga Aerial yoga: hypertension, glaucoma, thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, pregnancy, enlarged thyroid, or when suffering from recent injuries.

Duration of class: 75 minutes

Recommended clothing: long leggings, shirt, socks

Aerial hoop

Aerial hoop – this is one of the most memorable varieties of aerial acrobatics, combining speed, endurance, strength, balance and flexibility – all of this in one workout, accompanied by flight and pirouettes in the air. Few believe they are able to practice it, but for those who dared to try, the results become visible after a few workouts. After just a couple of months of methodical training, you will be able to prepare a whole acrobatic performance.

Duration of classes: 60/75 minutes

Recommended clothing: long leggings, shirt, socks

Aerial silks

Aerial acrobatics (silks) – Air Dance is a broad term for contemporary dance style that involves the use of suspended equipment. Aerial acrobatics is one of the most popular circus arts practiced worldwide. Aerial acrobatics classes require a high level of strength, flexibility, balance and especially the courage and desire to embark on this unusual experience, which is overcoming gravity and is against the laws of physics. Acrobatic poses, such wrapping the body parts around the silks are performed at different heights without additional restraint used.

Duration of classes: 60/75 minutes

Recommended clothing: long leggings, shirt, socks

Aerial Hoop & Silks for kids

Aerial Hoop and Silks for kids is a fun and engaging activity that will encourage your child to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Aerial acrobatics classes will also contribute to the necessary skills required by the National Curriculum key stages, which recommend that pupils: master basic movement skills, participate in team games for social development & understanding the competitive environment, perform dances using simple movement, develop flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance. Aerial Hoop and Silks will also encourage creative play with activities on and off the sports equipment! A combination of group, couple and single activities will be provided. Each class is carefully designed so your children learn some great moves and also get in great physical shape whilst having fun! Instructors are fully prepared to work witch children.

Duration of classes: 60 minutes

Recommended clothing: long leggings, shirt, socks

Pole & Aerial fitness

Pоlе and Аеrial Fit – intense resistance training, built on exercises, on the pole, aerial silks and hoop. Pole & Aerial Fit is an alternative form of fitness, more effective and entertaining than standard fitness. It will help you develop strength and functional muscle mass using only the weight of your own body. The workouts combine basic strength exercises from Pole Dance and aerial acrobatics. This method loads multiple muscle groups simultaneously, with just one exercise. Due to the repetition of moves we do not gain mass and the exercises strengthen the deeply situated muscles. Preliminary physical preparation is not required. Combining Pole & Aerial Fit with other pole workouts helps to accelerate the achievement of desired results.

* Duration of the class: 60 minutes

* Recommended clothing: long leggings, shorts, sports top, vest

Contemporary dance /Release/

Contemporary dance – Release technique, a movement practice that focuses on breathing, muscle relaxation, the use of gravity and momentum to facilitate efficient movement. Release technique is focused on the principles of “ease of movement” and fluidity. You will learn to minimize tension in the body to create freedom of movement. The release of body weight into the floor and the use of breath to instigate movement is part of the learning process. The style focuses on the use of energy, gravity and momentum to create dynamic movement. ‘Concepts such as moving in and out of the floor, articulation of the body, alignment, balance and ‘off-centre’, spatial relationships, direction of force and energy, all rely on these foundations. When utilized together they create quite an organic yet dynamic and articulate form of movement

* Duration of the class: 90 minutes

* Recommended clothing: leggings, track pants, long sleeve tops, socks.

Bungee fitness and dance

Bungee fitness and Dance – the new unique, fun and high-intensity workout!
Bungee fitness and Dance is innovative workout program especially developed for strengthening the muscles through range of motion. It develops strength, flexibility, balance, coordination. It combines aerobic, acrobatic and dance movements of medium to high intensity.
The Bungee cord helps you with some of the most challenging exercises to be executed safe and easily, in the most attractive way. Unlike most of the other sports, there is no load on the joints. In addition, it’s a wonderful way to strengthen your muscles without even realizing it.
In addition to all the benefits, Bungee Fitness trainings offer a huge amount of fun. Flying around the gym while you are attached to the ceiling makes you feel completely weightless and carefree, hence releasing endorphins in your body resulting a happy and joyful attitude.
You may wonder what kind of exercises can be done while being fixed to the ceiling with a massive, strong cord. Well, more than you think!

Depending on your personal preferences and physical abilities, you and your trainer choose the type of workout that suits you – strength exercises, flying, jumping, spinning, or just all in combination with dance.

Thanks to the versatility, Bungee Fitness is ideal for everyone, regardless of age, fitness level or physical condition.
Don’t miss out the new addition to the aerial world of Pole Dance Bulgaria!

* Duration of the class: 60 minutes

* Recommended clothing: long leggings, top (the waist should be covered),  clean trainers (optional)