Single Visit Entrance Fees

18 BGN

Pole dance, Aerial silks & hoop, Exotic pole dance, Pole art

15 BGN

Bungee fitness and dance, Aerial Yoga

12 BGN

Stretching, Contemporary, Kids acrobatic and yoga, Bungee for kids

Test visit (Pole dance, Aerial silks & hoop, Exotic pole dance, Pole art, Bungee fitness and dance and air yoga) is priced at 12 BGN.  

Subscription Card Prices

50 BGN

72 BGN worth of training.

For kids & students.

*Validity 30/60 days.

60 BGN

72 BGN worth of training.


Validity 30 days.

90 BGN

144 BGN worth of training.

For kids (4-14 years)

Validity 60 days.

155 BGN

216 BGN worth of training.

Validity 60 days.

195 BGN

288 BGN worth of training.

Validity 60 days.

110 BGN

144 BGN worth of training.

Validity 30 days.

The cards are valid for all kinds of activities. The amount is calculated by accumulating the price for a single visit for the workout. Card over the value of 155 BGN possible deferred payment in two equal monthly installments during the term of validity of the card. *Children’s cards (4-14 years) attending children’s acrobatics, bungee kids, as well as air yoga, are valid for 60 days. Valid only in children’s classes. Children above the age of 14 are allowed to visit the adult classes, using the 50 BGN subscription card for period of 30 days.

 Season cards are valid for all of Pole Dance Bulgaria studios. Click here to check out studios.
The remainder of the sum after a specified use of the card within the period of its validity can be transferred to the accumulation in a new pass or be used by deductions in payment for a single visit.

In case you have been training in Pole Dance Bulgaria studios for over a year, you can ask your instructor about our Loyal Program.

Pole Dance Bulgaria is working in partnership with MultiSport & ISIC card.

If you are an owner of a “MultiSport” card, you will have free access to the workouts marked with * in the schedule.

Аll of our clients, who own ISIC card, can now benefit from a 25% discount on the price of every lesson and a 10% discount on the price of each item in our e-shop

Additional services

Service Price
Individual Lesson 50 BGN
Free individual training (No instructor) 40 BGN
Free group training (No instructor) 12 BGN/ person
Non-scheduled workout (minimum 6 people) 20 BGN / person
Professional Photosession 150 BGN
Giftcard Any price from listing
Choreography (wedding) dance 400 BGN
  • Individual lesson – This is the time in which the instructor pays full attention only to you, you also have all the equipment room.
  • Free individual training (No Instructor Training) – This is the time in which you can use the equipment and exercise (without an instructor). Create your own ideas in the performances. Music can be tailored to your desires. Of course in the hall always instructor to whom you can turn for help or advice, but time is not kept organized.
  • Pole practice / Free group training (No Instructor Training) – ( min 2 / max 7 people) This class is suitable for everyone who wants to prepare their performance or if you want to work out with your chosen people. There is an instructor and equipment available in the hall. During the class, you can work all on your own – it is not leaded by the instructor. Music can be chosen by you. The class is not suitable for beginers.
  • Non-scheduled workout – Training is suitable for a gift to a loved one, girl parties and others. Important events or if you want to work out with your chosen people. There instructor and equipment available in the hall. Music can be tailored to your desires.
  • Professional Photo Session – Photo shoot with a professional photographer who has experience in a variety of shooting positions in the vertical and horizontal acrobatics. Includes 30 professional images, 2 hours photo session in studio “Center”. Processing up to 7 working days.
  • Gift card – if you want to make any occasion even more special for a loved one, we present you the perfect gift – a voucher for different amount of classes by your choice. (Issued by name)
  • Choreography (wedding) dance – If you want to give your future husband unforgettable surprise or surprise a loved one, we will prepare an individual choreography of your favorite music. The service includes: 6 hours of individual training and studying choreography tailored to your capabilities and provide pylon (hoop veil) on the day of the event.