We are pleased to announce that all the reservations for our classes now only take place through our new, fully automated system, where you can quickly and easily book your spot in the studio with just a few clicks! 👌👌👌

To use the system you need to register your profile, filling few steps:
➡️ email
➡️ phone
➡️ username
➡️ password
➡️ detailed reading of the general terms and conditions.

The account is valid only for its owner and you can reserve classes only for yourself.

❗️❗️❗️Please pay close attention to the general terms and conditions before agreeing to them, as they deal in depth with the ways of booking and canceling your reservations for the classes, as well as the new conditions for training.

Our mobile application will be available for installing in July! It will further facilitate your user experience – we recommend that you install it to receive notifications and news! 🤩

To create your account and make your reservations for the classes you want, please follow this link:
👉 https://poledance.customer.fitsys.com