Bungee fitness and Dance – the new unique, fun and high-intensity workout!

Bungee fitness and Dance is innovative workout program especially developed for strengthening the muscles through range of motion. It develops strength, flexibility, balance, coordination. It combines aerobic, acrobatic and dance movements of medium to high intensity.
The Bungee cord helps you with some of the most challenging exercises to be executed safe  and easily, in the most attractive way. Unlike most of the other sports, there is no load on the joints. In addition, it’s a wonderful way to strengthen your muscles without even realizing it.
In addition to all the benefits, Bungee Fitness trainings offer a huge amount of fun. Flying around the gym while you are attached to the ceiling makes you feel completely weightless and carefree, hence releasing endorphins in your body resulting a happy and joyful attitude.
You may wonder what kind of exercises can be done while being fixed to the ceiling with a massive, strong cord. Well, more than you think!

Depending on your personal preferences and physical abilities, you and your trainer choose the type of workout that suits you – strength exercises, flying, jumping, spinning, or just all in combination with dance.

Thanks to the versatility, Bungee Fitness is ideal for everyone, regardless of age, fitness level or physical condition.
Don’t miss out the new addition to the aerial world of Pole Dance Bulgaria!
– long leggings
– top (the waist should be covered)
– clean trainers (optional)

Duration: 1 hour
Price: 15 lv.
* Bungee Fitness and Dance does not work with Multisport and Andjoy.